Hong Kong Trip - grahamejenkins

Our first time in HK and an uneasy build-up. We booked in May, following Mam’s death. Then news started to filter through about protests. It will be fine we thought – it will all be over by November. Insurance companies stopped providing cancellation cover to new policy holders from 6 August. Then in the week before we were due to travel, the PolyU was occupied and things got pretty nasty. We were fully anticipating the Foreign Office issuing a ‘do not travel’ notice at any time. We got used to seeing our hotel in the background of video news coverage. The PolyU owns our hotel, so it is, literally, adjacent to the site.   

Thankfully, with just a day or two to spare, things calmed down. We started packing! Thank goodness we were allowed to travel. The hotel had suffered tear gas ingress and staff had helped fleeing protestors.   Right from the word go, the concern of the staff for our safety/enjoyment and their concern for how we might view their beloved country, was evident. Tourism was hit massively – many fearing to travel. We had a great time with no queues or crowds!

HK, with all its attractions and amenities was, for us, all about the people. We had a great time and made several friends and acquaintances with whom we enjoyed chatting about life in HK and the UK.

Due to the unique nature of our trip I have taken an unprecedented step of dividing the gallery into sections, as I don’t want political unrest to impinge unduly on the ‘nice bits’. I have also drawn a little from news media to add some context and fleshed-out what I was able to experience myself. Our hotel warrants its own section as it was – without exception – the most complete hotel we have ever stayed in anywhere in the world and I urge you to visit. In particular, say hi to Elly Tanzil and Vise Cheng for us.......they are hospitality industry superstars!

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