Baltic Cruise - grahamejenkins

A fortnight in a gorgeous suite onboard good ship Marella (TUI/Thomson) Discovery sailing from Newcastle and visiting Gothenburg, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Riga, Rostock, Copenhagen and Oslo.  Great crew [honourable mentions to Oksana, Gokhan, Chris, Lynne, Maria and Elena], fantastic experiences and a total mindblow when it came to taking everything in.......8 very different locations and the jewel in the crown that was St Petersburg (if you're visiting Russia the local wisdom is visit SPB, not Moscow - far more to see, far more spectacular and far cheaper).  Weather was largely great although we had the uncommon experience of being caught in a Force 11 violent storm just off the coast of Norway - didn't stop us having a cooked breakfast  ;-)  I have tried to caption the photos so you can follow things - go through sequentially, rather than 'cherry picking'  (don't forget the video at the end of the gallery - turn up the volume for Capt Chris' horn concerto!).  This must have been one of the snappiest photo trips I have ever had due to the pace of the holiday, the tourist crowds in many places and just generally not being able to be bothered to work hard at the photos because I was so chilled......and often under the influence of several Long Island Iced Tea's!

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