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James Bond is famous for never looking ruffled, with not a hair out of place, but he didn't have to contend with a very strong breeze down the pit lane at Croft after getting out of HIS Aston - apologies for the blown back hair (why do all my pics on my website have me with blown back hair - trying too hard to be shown as a man of action?) and the absence of Gieves and Hawkes tailoring but it was me, it was an Aston and the report card in my hand read "excellent, smooth, planned drive - well done" with 5 B's, 1 B+ and an A which wasn't bad for my first ever circuit experience, held-up by a slower driven Audi R8 and in a car with almost twice the bhp of my own. Thanks to Helen for the gift and to Rachel for being 'top personal snapper' to 00 three and a half!

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